Royal Skin Micro Patch Review

Royal Skin Micro Patch is one of the best anti-aging eye masks in the market. This premium eye mask is made in Korea, and we've gone through numerous sell-outs for this highly sought after product.

The Micro Patch is an overnight eye mask, and it is an anti-aging eye mask that will also reduce puffiness under the eyes. It comes with fine "needles" that are actually hyaluronic acid. Upon application on the under eye area, gently tap the patch and press the patch against your skin so as to encourage the penetration of the hyaluronic via the fine needles. 

Royal Skin Micro Eye Patch

The end result is hydrated under eye area. This premium anti-aging mask is perfect for busy mothers!

The Royal Skin Micro Patch is suitable for all skin types. It is also an eye mask that is suitable for sensitive skin, pregnant women and nursing moms.

After your nightly skincare regimen, paste the Royal Skin Micro Patch and leave it overnight. We suggest doing this at least once a week.

Fans of Royal Skin beauty products should also try the Royal Skin Hydrogel Eye Patch.

Get the Royal Skin Micro Patch from Fayre Beauty.

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