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Cavilla Hair Tonic (expiry jul 2024)

Cavilla Hair Tonic is made with ingrediants from all-natural extracts and it helps to nourish your hair follicles to enhance hair growth.

Benefits of Cavilla Hair Tonic

  • Expand the scalp capillary
  • Promote scalp blood circulation
  • Activate hair follicles
  • Strengthen the hair roots
  • Promote the growth of hair root and promote melanin synthesis
  • Repair hair quality, nutrition
  • Prevents hair loss and promote hair growth.

How to use Cavilla Hair Tonic

  • Wash the scalp with shampoo and gently rub to remove the dirt and grease on the hair.
  • Use a towel to wipe off the moisture of the scalp.
  • Use Cavilla Hair Tonic and apply it to the scalp. (Do note that you will feel a mild warm sensation and itchiness when applying the hair tonic).
  • Use your finger to gently tap it. Note: If you use a hairdryer to dry your hair, avoid hot air temperature and don’t blow at the scalp directly.
  • Comb your hair after applying Cavilla Hair Tonic.
  • Use Cavilla Hair Tonic after washing your hair daily.

Customer Reviews

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70% and why not

Nice feel

Minty feeling when applied.. my fiance has been using daily and feels some difference. I don’t see any difference (I used alternate days because I only wash my hair alt days since my scalp is dry).

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