Inside Out Smoothing Eye Cream (20% OFF)

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Inside Out Smoothing Eye Cream is a hydrating eye cream that visibly diminishes dark circles and smoothens lines to improve the appearance the skin around your eyes.

It contains exclusive patented HydraprotectolTM from France, hydrolyzed silk protein, and Vitamins E and B5. It strengthens and repairs, quickly adds vitality to the skin around eyes and smoothens lines. 

Main ingredients of Inside Out Smoothing Eye Cream:

NASHA hyaluronic acid - It is a high-purity hyaluronic acid, provides excellent moisturization, forms a transparent film and reduces water loss.

Silk protein - It is a moisturizing factor to recover elasticity and glow.

Vitamin B5 - It nourishes the skin around eyes.

Vitamin E - It nourishes the skin around eyes.

HYDRAPROTECTOLTM - It is a patented glycoprotein from France. It repairs skin, increases firmness and smoothens out lines.

How to use Inside Out Smoothing Eye Cream:

Squeeze a small amount of the product with the size of rice on your finger tip. Tap the product into your skin around the eyes.

For all skin types.

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