Fayre Baby Gentle 2-in-1 Shampoo & Body Wash


Fayre Baby Gentle 2-in-1 Shampoo & Body Wash (500ml)

For mamas who are looking for a moisturizing everyday baby shampoo and body wash which is suitable for sensitive skin (including eczema-prone skin), Fayre Baby Shampoo & Body Wash is a gentle 2-in-1 wash that you can use for your little ones from head to toe.

Formulated in Australia, the main ingredient of this product is amino acid, which helps to maintain the skin's hydration, strengthen the skin's immune system and promote cellular repair.

It is a tears-free formula that is suitable for sensitive skin, including eczema-prone skin. Anyone can use it, and it is safe for newborns too! 

To be used daily from head to toe, squeeze out a desired amount and lather with water on the hair, face and body. Rinse well, followed by the application of Fayre Beauty Daily Face & Body Lotion.

Customer Reviews

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Yu Zhu
It helps with my son’s cradle cap!

I recently bought the kids shampoo for my 4yo girl. Unintentionally, I tried it on my 4mo boy who has very bad cradle cap for a month. I was very bothered by his cradle cap and have tried a lot of other means but it just didn’t work. I then decided to use the fayre kids shampoo (a lil) and it really helps after 3-4 washes. Very happy!

After vs before photo below.

Awesome 2-in-one

My kids have sensitive skin thus many of the off the shelf shampoo / bodywash are not suitable for their usage. Decided to purchase this 2-in-one shampoo/bodywash for the kiddos to try and am pleasantly surprised that it actually worked for them! It is also very convenient when i bring them out for their weekly swim - just one bottle and off we go!

❤️ moisturising and gentle baby wash

Been using it for my little one since she was 5 m.o. she has a rather sensitive skin, so I am glad this product works well for her. love the afterwash scent too. We paired with the baby lotion for her daily skincare routine ! Already on our 3rd bottle ! Highly recommend 👌

S. P
Great product!!

Love 2 in 1! Save alot of time! Love the smell and the texture! My 2mo baby smell v good after using it :)

Gentle on skin

2 in 1 product , convenient and gentle wash

Indrayani Koeswandani
One of best baby products

Its very gentle and the smell so good i love it. Even sometime i use it for myself hehe..

Fayre 2 in 1 shampoo and body wash

A very recommended shampoo for kids with dry and tangled hair. My girl loves it when she first use it. Her hair tangle easily so we been trying many different brands, including some brand from Korea. However, only Fayre has to resolve her hair problem and been using it since. Now, she’s a happy girl with beautiful & soft hair. A repeated customer as the product is too good.

Loving it
Gentle and nice smelling baby wash

Love it that it’s 2-in-1! A drop of it would easily make baby clean. Love it! Would definitely purchase again

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