Protection From Head to Toe

Our 2-in-1 baby shampoo and bodywash is formulated with ingredients that are gentle to babies’ sensitive skin. Encouraging healthy hair growth while keeping the scalp and the rest of the skin cleansed and moisturised, our baby shampoo and body wash is a smart choice for you little one.

A Gentle Way to Moisturise Baby’s Skin

From using the softest fabric for swaddle to keeping the bath water at a warm temperature, we understand how parents are very intricate when it comes to their babies’ skin. Thus, we provide you with the best baby lotion that can be used daily and applied on both face and body to keep your baby’s skin moisturised without causing irritation.

Benefits of Fayre Baby Lotion & Shampoo

As parents ourselves, we are aware just how sensitive a baby's skin can be. Imagine the extra mile we go through to ensure that our babies’ skin remains protected. Therefore investing in quality baby shampoo or baby lotion should be considered. Our Fayre Baby Lotion & Shampoo allows you to give your child the best protection and result without spending a fortune. Here are some perks of using Fayre Baby Series:

  • Fayre Baby Shampoo can be used as a body wash as well. This means less expenses, more space on your bathroom shelf, and less hassle when giving your baby a bath.
  • Fayre Baby Shampoo is formulated with ingredients that are safe and gentle to your baby’s skin.
  • Fayre Baby Lotion can be used on both the face and the body. Thus, you can moisturise your baby’s skin from head to toe without worrying about irritation.
  • Fayre Baby Lotion & Shampoo have very mild scents designed for babies.
  • Fayre Baby Series are formulated with babies’ wellbeing in mind. Thus, its effectiveness, safety and applicability are guaranteed.

Why Choose Fayre Baby Shampoo & Lotion?

There are many baby products in Singapore, saturated with various brands of shampoos, body wash, baby lotion & oil. Parents may find it difficult to find the baby products that suits his/her baby’s skin. However, Fayre Baby Series are carefully formulated, our baby lotion and baby shampoo are suitable for all skin types and gently cleanse babies’ skin while keeping it moisturised.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Shampoo and conditioner are among the hair care products that are recommended to be used on a daily basis. Shampoo is meant to remove excess oil and wash away the dirt trapped on your scalp and hair strands. Conditioner, on the other hand, is the finishing hair product in Singapore that is meant to make your hair stronger or softer depending on its ingredients.

All hair care products have essential benefits to our hair. To know which hair care product is necessary for your case, you must assess your hair problems to find the hair products that are specifically designed to address such a problem. Should you need help in finding the right hair care products in Singapore? Check out our hair products at Fayre Beauty.

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Fayre Beauty has a range of shampoo and conditioner to address various hair and scalp problems faced by men and women. Our hair care products are made from natural ingredients to ensure the safety and effectiveness of each formulation. Find the most ideal shampoo for your hair problem from our range of hair products today.

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Why Choose Fayre Beauty for your Hair Care Products?

There are many hair care products in Singapore today. In fact, when you visit any grocery store and take a look at the hair care aisle, you’ll see that all are saturated with various brands of shampoos, conditioners and hair oil. It is not to mention that some hair care products are being sold exclusively online. With all the hair products out there one may find it difficult to establish brand loyalty. It is not the case when you opt for Fayre Beauty’s hair care products. We formulated our products to solve common hair care problems and keep our customers’ hair looking healthy and vibrant.