6 Ways To Prevent Hair Loss & To Promote Hair Growth

Hair loss is a prevalent problem that concerns both genders, and it can be very detrimental if we do not do anything to prevent it. 

Anyone can be prone to hair loss, particularly for people who subject their hair to chemical treatment (such as hair dye, bleaching, perm etc) a lot and women who have just given birth. There are many ways to reduce and even prevent hair loss, and today, I will share some hair care tips that I live by to prevent post-partum hair loss.

Melody Hair Care Tips

 1. Wash your hair regularly

A clean and healthy scalp is the first rule to prevent hair loss. Wash your hair daily to protect against hair loss. An oily scalp with clogged pores is the recipe for hair disaster, and dry shampoo alone won't do the trick (it could be worse!), so if you don't already have the habit of washing your hair daily, you should start now.

Wouwou hair care products

2. Use hair fall control products

Pick your hair products carefully; you wouldn't want something too strong for daily use because it might be damaging for your scalp instead.

It's important to have a proper hair care routine.

Start off with the Wouwou Plant Scalp Cleanser to deep-cleanse your scalp. This step should come before you shampoo your hair. Wet your hair, squeeze out a pea-size amount of the Wouwou Plant Scalp Cleanser, then massage it directly onto your scalp. Leave it on for 2-3mins before rinsing it off with warm water.

Next, use the bestselling Wouwou Pure Ginger Shampoo —one of the best shampoo for hair loss.

Famed for its hair fall control, the Wouwou Pure Ginger Shampoo is an excellent choice for daily hair wash. It effectively minimizes hair fall during shower, and is best paired with the Wouwou Hair Mask to prevent breakage. 

Use the Wouwou Pure Ginger Shampoo and Wouwou Hair Mask together on a daily basis to prevent hair loss and to encourage hair growth. 

3. Dry your hair right after washing

It is important to dry your hair right after washing. A dry and clean scalp will prevent hair fall. Do not tie your hair tightly when it is still wet. This is the surest way to break your hair. 

Melody Hair Care

4. Gentle styling

Avoid tying your hair too tied, especially when it is wet. Tight braiding will also cause hair fall and breakage. Frequent use of heat stylers (such as straightening iron and curling tongs) will also damage your hair ends and break the hair shaft, hence causing hair fall. 

5. Use hair tonics regularly

As it is important to pick the right shampoo and conditioner, it is also vital to nourish your hair daily to prevent hair loss and to strengthen your hair. I recommend using a hair oil for your hair ends to minimize split ends and to promote frizz-free hair. 

I swear by Wouwou Hair Essential Oil. It is something that I've been using for 2 years and counting. The Wouwou Hair Essential Oil is an affordable hair oil that smoothens our frizz and keeps hair manageable, and the cherry on top? It smells like roses! Use it daily on your hair ends—it can be used both on wet and dry hair.

Cavilla Hair Tonic

I also use Cavilla Hair Tonic to encourage hair growth. This miracle hair tonic is known for its efficacy, and many customers swear by it. To promote hair growth, apply a few drops of Cavilla Hair Tonic on the roots of your hair and massage it into the scalp gently. Do this on clean, dry hair daily.

6. Go for regularly scalp treatments

While using the right products at home is important to maintain a healthy scalp and to reduce hair loss, I also recommend going to a hair salon to get professional treatments done regularly. 

I go to Black Hair Salon for monthly scalp treatments where the professionals (I recommend Cat and Raymond) will deep-cleanse my scalp and unclog the pores and give my scalp a good massage to promote blood circulation.

Apart from these hair care tips, there are also several ways to reduce hair fall and to promote hair growth. They include cheap home remedies and modifying your diet, to medical solutions such as going for laser treatments and hair implants.

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