Why You Should Use A Hair Oil For Your Daily Hair Care Routine

Life is short; make each hair flip fabulous.

We live by this mantra, and taking care of our hair is not only part of our self-care journey, but also one that gives us confidence every day. That feeling you get when your hair flows nicely and turns heads is unparalleled, ain't it?

Besides washing your hair daily with a good shampoo and conditioner, we should also keep our hair nourished and protected throughout the day. And that's why you should use our Fayre Deep Conditioning Hair Oil.

fayre hair oil

Formulated in Australia with Morrocan Argan Oil as the key ingredient, our Deep Conditioning Hair Oil in Singapore has become a holy grail for countless of customers. We've sold more than 30,000 bottles of Fayre Hair Care products since its introduction, and it is a product that is frequently sold out because of the heavy demand. 

Every bottle of goodness is carefully manufactured with botanical ingredients, and it is one of the most affordable hair oils in the market.

Our hair is exposed to external aggressors daily, such as the sun and hair-drying tools. With a coat of Fayre Deep Conditioning Hair Oil, your hair will be protected and nourished instantly.

You can use it both on wet and dry hair. To use on wet hair, simply pat the oil in before blow-drying your hair. Or, after blow-drying your hair, apply the hair oil in a patting motion from mid-length downwards, then give your hair a good brush with our Wooden Paddle Brush. 

Fayre Deep Conditioning Hair Oil keeps your hair frizz-free and manageable throughout the entire day. Reapply whenever needed. It is suitable for both men and women, and even for kids above 5yo. 

Fayre Beauty is a leading online store for skincare and hair care products in Singapore. We pride ourselves with a line of products made from natural ingredients, proven to be effective, and passed the quality standards. Interested in trying our hair oil or other hair care products? Visit our hair care collection and shop now!

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