Fayre Beauty Korean Pro Iron Salon Grade Curler

Fayre Beauty Korean Pro Iron Salon Grade Curler (Preorder)

Ceramic-coated Proiron Curler for achieving your desired curls. Compared to a chrome coating, a ceramic-coated barrel has these advantages:

  • Radiates anions to maintain moisture and tame frizz. Hair appears shinier and moisturised.
  • Anti-static 
  • Scratch-resistant

Features of Fayre Beauty Korean Pro Iron Salon Grade Curler

  • Ceramic-coated Barrel: Style hair with more shine and less frizz. Adjustable heat setting of 110 - 200 deg.
  • Temperature Control: Turn the dial on handle to reach your desired temperature. Red light indicates that the curler is heating up to set temperature. Blue light indicates that the curler has reached set temperature.
  • 360 Degree Rotating Cord: Allows ease of use and prevents wire damage.
  • Safety Stand: Curler can be propped up without the barrel being in contact with any surface.
  • Plug type F
  • Intentional gap between hotplates (0.1-0.3mm) for natural curls.


Available in sizes 28mm, 31mm, 35mm.

Other Tips

  • Apply a heat protection spray before curling to protect your hair and prevent drying.
  • Hair products may burn when using the curler. Do not apply excessively.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
1st time

Easy to use!

Best Hair Curler

Have been contemplating to buy this curler for a really long time and finally did so in the end. Definitely no regrets!!!

It does need a little practice to get the kind of curls you prefer but the good thing is that it doesn’t make my hair dry at all. In fact, my hair always seems to look smoother/bouncy thanks to this. Highly recommend to purchase and give it a try! Honestly one of my best buys ever this year, thanks melody for bringing this in! 🥰👍🏼

Hair curler

Bought Dyson hair wrap & it took me 45mins to do my curl & also the curls last only less than half a day. Saw Fayre hair curler with a lot of good reviews, & decided to give it a try. No regret, is a real good hair curler & my curls can last whole day till I reach home.

Korean grade curler

Seen so many good reviews and raves about this hair curler so I got it too! Can't wait to try it out and post another review 😍😍 Looking forward to Korean natural lasting curlssss!!

Ynes Tiong

Fayre Beauty Korean Pro Iron Salon Grade Curler (PREORDER)

Pretty curls all day, everyday!

I used to think that all curlers work the same, so I've been using the same curler for the last 5 Years without entertaining the thought of getting a new curler. That is until I dropped my old cutler and it broke. Decided to give the Fayre Beauty curler a try. I'm already using almost all of Fayre beauty products so might as well use the hair curler too.

The curler heats up so quickly, is so easy to use (though usability to me is normal since I'm pretty good with curlers) but the most important aspect is that my curls now last the ENTIRE DAY. I must say I haven't had a single bad hair day since I started using all of Fayre beauty's hair range. No regrets at all getting this, I just wished my old hair curler broke sooner. Haha

Shixian Sim
Think no more! No regret!

I have long and rather thin hair, bought the 31 mm curl and have no regret! It's my first time purchasing hair curler, been wanting to buy one to try for super long time. Decided to place my bet on this and voila! It's super easy to use! Set it @ 150° or 160°, use it with styling hair oil and it really does last for an entire day. Woke up the next day with nice waves. 100% recommended to purchase.

Dont think! Just add to cart n purchase!!!

If you are thinking whether you should give this curler a try or not, stop thinking! Just add to cart and purchase!!! Trust me you will not regret it. I am also someone who have purchased many different types of curler before (fyi i also owned the dyson airwrap) but im telling you wenever i wanna curl my hair for a function or just for fun, i still end up going to the salon to get it done cos none of the curlers i have owned can do the job. It is just so so difficult to use. Yes im that idiot wen it comes to that. Yes im telling you if u r like me, this curler is for you! You have found the right one. It is so so sooooo easy to use and the best thing is u can get those korean looking curls with this curler!!! Omg no words can describe how awesome this curler is. Just stop thinking and contemplating, just get it!!! btw i have the 28 and 31 mm and m going to purchase the 35 mm in a bit hahaha

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