Fayre Dream Silk Bundle (New)


Made from pure 100% Grade 6A Mulberry Silk, OEKO-TEX certified and free of harmful chemicals, Fayre's silk products are luxurious to touch, gentle on the skin and extremely breathable.

Silk accessories are the best for your hair. They are gentle, doesn't tug on your hair and hair fall is minimized. Stay in trend with our silk accessories that come in a palette of irresistible shades carefully curated to complement your outfits.

Tie your hair with our Fayre Silk Scrunchie instead of a regular rubber band. There are plenty of ways to style your hair with this big scrunchie - in a ponytail, a high bun, or even on your wrist as an arm candy!

Our bestselling Fayre Silk Ruched Hairband will instantly glam up your look. It holds your hair in place nicely and gently without flattening the crown. Extremely soft and gentle, it does not press on the back of your ears so you can wear it all day long!

Dream Silk Bundle consists of:
1 silk ruched hairband
1 1cm scrunchie
1 3cm scrunchie

Customer Reviews

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Fayre Dream Silk Bundle

Great Mulberry Silk. Hand band - soft and gentle, it does not press on the back of the ears. Scrunchie - gentle, it does not tug on hair and hair fall is minimized.

Jestin Ng
Best gift set

This is so sweet and so good to use . Not hurting on scalp and manages to keep the mane in control

Fayre Dream Silk Bundle

First time trying the silk hair band and hair tie. It was really worth trying. The hair band and hair tie are so soft and it won’t hurt to wear it out the whole day. I also purchased 2 more silk bundles for my friends to try it out! Definitely will recommend to all my friends!

Thank you for this set!

This color is a must cos it can be used for work / school. Bought 4 sets at regular price, and now that there’s a sale I’m buying more sets to gift. Thank you for this set!

Haritha Veeravalli
Best Buy

Got the dream silk bundle at a best deal....The quality is very nice...the hairband doesn't hurt behind the ears even after wearing it for 2 days straight including night time...exactly as stated....will buy more products....Thankyou melody for making the best and also affordable products...

A bundle that worth the try

Always wanted to own these silk accessories but the colors are always out of stock. Thankfully the midnight color was restocked and it comes in 3 different types of sill accessories! Love it so much ❤️ for this definitely don't wait for the sale. Once it's launched, just cart out to avoid the oos disappointment.

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