Fayre Summer Florals Hair Perfume

Fayre Hair Perfume is your answer to sweet-smelling hair, all day every day. Imagine a bed of florals from a summer garden, packed in a handy bottle for you to carry it around with you everywhere - a spritz is enough to rejuvenate your senses. Say goodbye to smelly, oily hair with Fayre Hair Perfume which is one of the best hair perfumes in Singapore that everyone should use.

Fayre Summer Florals Hair Perfume (150ml)

  • Light floral scent with notes of lilies, roses and cherry blossoms 
  • Can be used at any time of the day
  • Gives hair a subtle shine

    Suitable for:

    • Both men and women
    • Pregnancy and breastfeeding safe

    Recommended usage:

    • Use as and when needed
    • Spray directly onto hair
    • Best used with Fayre Wooden Paddle Brush to manage frizz

    You should also try Fayre Parisan Rose Hair Perfume—our newest rose scent made with French Rose essential oils. Or get our Fayre Hair Perfume bundle to enjoy more savings.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 35 reviews
      Floral hair mist

      Love the scent - refreshing, light and not overpowering. Excited to try this product out!

      Daisy Wu
      I'm in love!

      This perfume smells really lovely. It gives an alluring smell throughout the day and yet not overpowering. Love it!

      Floral hair perfume

      It’s my first purchase for this, and I’m instantly hooked on it. It smells great on the hair and even has a lingering alluring smell throughout the day

      Fayre Summer Florals Hair Perfume

      The scent is refreshing and smells really nice. The floral scent lingers on the hair all day long.

      Parisian Rose 🌹

      Totally in love with the rose perfume! It is a personally romantic gift that is a reminder to take care of and treat myself. It’s a small indulgence and part of a wonderful routine I look forward to everyday before I go out.

      Hair Perfume

      The scent was so alluring!I used it on wet hair usually and the scent last for quite a long while!Will definitely re-purchase!


      Have been buying Fayre shampoo and oil products since last yr and even introduced friends to the brand. Last order I tried the hair perfume and it smells so so so good! Definitely a good buy.

      Had a teeny bit of issue with my delivery and Melody was swift and apologetic in her responses. Great service recovery! Thanks!

      Nice floral scent

      I have never use a hair perfume before and I took a leap of faith to try this product. Love it and can never go back now!

      Nice scent hair perfume

      Very nice and good hair perfume, make the hair smell so good and refreshing after applying it. Thank you for bringing in this product!

      Christina Heng
      Light floral scent

      The smell is not too overpowering. Very light and comfortable smell. My colleague even ask me what perfume I use when I start using this.

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