Fayre Silk Ruched Hairband Set


Made from pure 100% Grade 6A Mulberry Silk, OEKO-TEX certified and free of harmful chemicals, Fayre's silk products are luxurious to touch, gentle on the skin and extremely breathable.

Silk accessories are the best for your hair. They are gentle, doesn't tug on your hair and hair fall is minimized. Stay in trend with our silk accessories that come in a palette of irresistible shades carefully curated to complement your outfits.

Our bestselling Fayre Silk Ruched Hairband will instantly glam up your look. It holds your hair in place nicely and gently without flattening the crown. Extremely soft and gentle, it does not press on the back of your ears so you can wear it all day long!

This universally-flattering size also makes it a fun accessory for your little ones. Mommies, time to twin with your daughter(s)!


Fayre's silk products are never mass produced; they are handmade in small batches by silk artisans in Suzhou. Every piece is delicately cut by hand and coloured with non-toxic dyes. Please allow slight inconsistencies for handmade products. For the occasional loose thread, you may simply snip it off with a cosmetics scissors.

Customer Reviews

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Super comfortable to wear and yet tight enough such that can exercise with it on! Love the pretty aesthetic colours too :)

Fogotten I had a hair band on!

Amazed that this hair band is so light, almost forgotten I had hair band cos I literally didn't feel anything on my head. Worth buying!

First silk hair band

This is my first time purchasing and wearing a silk hair band. Wore the whole day and it didn’t give me an headache. Not too bad!

The most comfortable hairband yet

Had to check out the hype about these hairbands and, they truly live up to expectations. The best testament for us has to be my 4yo daughter who could never keep any hairband on for more than a minute but, she wore this for an entire outing. We love twinning in them since then :)

Best hairband so far

Was contemplating to get this hairband as i always experienced some pain on the side of my ears when using hairband for too long.
Fayre hairband all so pretty so I was like f**k it just get first if pain later then i deal with it haha.. but but but it turned out best decision ever!!! I can wear it for hours and yet it doesn't cause any pain or headache!! Now I just ordered more colors and cant wait to get it!!

Black pink silky hair band

One of the best buy I have gotten. Unlike other hair bands, I can wear this the whole day without feeling pain at the side of my head. Love the silky material and color too. Bright pink makes me stand out too. Thank you for bringing in such a great product…

Silk hairbands

Have used many hair bands before but none as comfortable and pretty as these. Super love them and I can wear them the whole day without hurting my head !


Loveeeee this hair band so much!!! Bought the 2 set of color they have left with during their IWD sale and I can say it’s the best decision ever!!

First time trying it out yesterday. I wore out the whole day from zoo outing with my son to family dinner celebrating my mum’s bday and I had zero pain on the side of the head. Totally a win!
Just placed another order for a different set of color so I can mix and match it. Can’t wait to receive it!

wei jin lim
Fayre Silk Ruched Hairband Set

It's still a little painful after a day's wear but it's much more comfortable than the other hairbands that i have. It's very pretty too! Bought a second set after the first purchase

Jill Loo
Black pink silk ruched hairbands

The hairbands are so comfortable and all my friends who saw my wearing said i look so princessey w Korean vibes.

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