5 Ways To Keep Your Baby’s Skin Healthy

Bringing home a new baby is a time of joy and excitement for any new parents. However, caring for a baby can be overwhelming, even for experienced parents. Their skin is different from an adult’s skin as it is much thinner. This means it is more delicate and sensitive, making them vulnerable to environmental factors like changes in humidity and temperature. Hence, they are more prone to allergies, infections, rashes and irritants.

The best approach to follow is “ less is more”. Avoid chemical soaps and shampoos, adult skin care products, harsh detergents and over bathing which might just dry out your baby's delicate skin.

Baby skin is naturally much more sensitive than adult skin, and it requires extra attention and care to maintain its health. We will discuss some tips and tricks to take care and keep your baby's skin healthy.

keep Your Babies Skin Healthy

Use A Good Baby Moisturising Cleanser

A few weeks after birth, a baby would stop producing sebum and their sebaceous glands will not be reactivated until adolescence. Their hydrolipidic film is thinner and therefore, does not protect the skin as well, which would only lead to dry skin and infections. Apart from that, your child’s skin is also two to three times bigger than an adult's, allowing products to penetrate easily.

Since infections thrive in a moist environment (skin under nappies), damaged skin (rashes) and folds, it is extremely essential that you use soft and moisturising cleansers and body care products. These cleansers are specially formulated to gently cleanse by stopping oils and other impurities from mixing with water, making the removal of dirt and bacteria easier without leaving your baby’s skin dehydrated.

best baby lotion

Moisturise regularly with Lotion and Creams

Keeping your baby's skin moisturised is essential to prevent dryness and irritation. Use a gentle moisturiser specifically formulated for babies, and apply it to your baby's skin after every bath. Also, make sure to moisturise your baby's skin frequently throughout the day,

Dermatologists would recommend fragrance-free, hypoallergenic lotions and creams that do not contain any harmful, irritating ingredients.

Fayre Baby Baby Face & Body Lotion is a highly-moisturizing face & body lotion which instantly moisturizes your little one's skin, leaving it super soft & smooth.

Formulated in Australia, the main ingredient of this product is licorice, which helps to soothe the skin, ease inflammation & reduce redness. Licorice also helps with hyperpigmentation, and with daily application, evens out skin spots.

It protects skin from damage even after unprotected exposure to UV rays, and it is suitable for sensitive skin, including eczema-prone skin. Anyone can use it, and it is safe for newborns too!

tips for healthy baby skin

Massage Your Baby

One good way to monitor the health of your baby’s skin is by giving them a massage. It gives you the opportunity to go over their whole body to check for dryness or chafing. But that’s not all your baby reaps from a massage. As they grow and start reaching their various milestones, a calming massage would be able to ease their transitions.

It also provides many emotional and physiological benefits for your baby including:

    • Calm them down when they are fussy by reducing the circulation of the stress hormone cortisol in the bloodstream.
    • Increase their sense of well-being by stimulating endorphins, which can lift their baby’s mood.
    • Ease gas and constipation.
    • Relax their muscles.

    best baby shampoo

    Bathe your baby appropriately

    Bathing your baby is essential for their hygiene, but it's important to do it the right way. Start by using lukewarm water and a mild baby soap or cleanser such as Fayre Baby Gentle 2-in-1 Shampoo & Body Wash.

    For mamas who are looking for a moisturizing everyday baby shampoo and body wash which is suitable for sensitive skin (including eczema-prone skin), Fayre Baby Shampoo & Body Wash is a gentle 2-in-1 wash that you can use for your little ones from head to toe.

    Formulated in Australia, the main ingredient of this product is amino acid, which helps to maintain the skin's hydration, strengthen the skin's immune system and promote cellular repair.

    It is a tears-free formula that is suitable for sensitive skin, including eczema-prone skin. Anyone can use it, and it is safe for newborns too! 

    Avoid using hot water or harsh soaps, which can dry out and irritate your baby's skin. Also, limit bath time to no more than 10 minutes, and make sure to pat your baby's skin dry instead of rubbing it with a towel.

    Choose the right clothing for your baby

    The clothing you choose for your baby can have a significant impact on their skin health. Choose soft, breathable fabrics like cotton, and avoid tight-fitting clothing that can irritate your baby's skin. Also, make sure to wash your baby's clothing with a mild, baby-safe detergent to avoid any skin irritation.

    In conclusion, your baby’s skin needs special care and attention. It is best to use products made specifically for babies as they are gentle, fragrance-free and hypoallergenic.

    Make sure you wash your hands clean before touching your baby and maintain a high degree of personal hygiene. By following these simple tips, you can keep your baby's skin healthy and happy. Remember to always consult your pediatrician if you have any concerns about your baby's skin health.

    At Fayre Beauty, our baby shampoo and lotion are produced for babies of all skin types including those with sensitive and eczema-prone skin.

    Pamper your child from head to toe with our baby hair care products and daily baby lotion. Try our Fayre Baby Series today!

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