Top 3 Hair Care Tips For Every Hair Type

We all want our hair-care routine to help us avoid bad hair days as much as possible. Great hair starts by following a hair-care routine that works for you. Think of it as a basic set of principles you can use to take care of your hair every day and night, customising it according to your hair type and goals.

While some of us are guilty of not providing our hair with the TLC that it deserves, following a hair-care routine religiously can bring life back to dry, frayed, damaged hair.

Here are some tips you can incorporate into your hair-care routine with these hair care products.

#1 Maintain A Healthy Hair Care Routine

The most basic hair care routines should include proper cleaning and conditioning.

For cleansing, look for scalp care shampoos that will clean your hair, targeting oil, dirt and grease that are accumulated on your scalp. Always apply your shampoo only to your scalp, where hair oil production and dead skin cells are concentrated. Washing your strands will only cause your hair to dry out and lose the moisture needed for hydration. It is also recommended to purchase a shampoo that is paraben and sulphate free to maintain your hair’s natural oils.

After shampooing, always follow up with a conditioner to restore moisture that was washed away and replenish your hair with all the nourishment it needs. Look for an intense volume conditioner that will help retain moisture without leaving your hair heavy and limp.

Avoid conditioning your scalp and instead, apply the conditioner from the mid-length to the end of your hair and let it sit for 5 to 7 minutes before washing it off. You can even comb your hair with a quality paddle brush to detangle your hair and massage your scalp to stimulate blood flow and promote healthy hair growth.

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#2 Apply A Good Hair Oil

Unlike your skin, your hair has no way to keep itself moisturised. This is why hair follicles create sebum, a natural oil that is meant to keep your hair healthy and hydrated as it makes its way down the hair shaft. But with modern styling techniques that use heat and chemicals as well as harsh shampoos, the natural sebum is never enough to provide your hair with the nutrients it needs.

This is where leave-in hair oil comes in handy. With a history dating back hundreds of years, the use of oils on your hair is nothing new. Thanks to the moisturising and protective effect hair oils have on our hair, it is widely used to soften and nourish your hair and scalp. Oils are rich in fatty acids and vitamin E which create a barrier that prevents your strands from losing precious moisture. This barrier also stops humidity from entering the hair shaft, keeping frizz at bay. Moreover, certain hair oils can also strengthen your hair by increasing its elasticity and decreasing the risk of breakage. 

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#3 Apply A Deep Conditioning Hair Mask

It is ideal to deep condition your hair at least once a week to replenish any nourishment that has been lost. Deep conditioners and hair masks are made with ingredients to hydrate and strengthen damaged hair caused by heat, chemicals and other pollutants. 

Some of the best ways to reap the benefits of a deep conditioner is to 

  • Apply it directly on your hair and not soak it in water beforehand. Let your hair absorb all the goodness without diluting it. 
  • Use it generously. When it comes to deep conditioners, less is not more! Make sure your whole hair is covered with this deep conditioner. 
  • Try a hot towel treatment by covering your deep-conditioned hair for at least 15 minutes with a towel that has been soaked in warm water. The heat from the towel will open up the hair follicles allowing the deep conditioner to reach deep into the scalp. 

At Fayre Beauty, we have just the hair care products you need to incorporate these tips to your routine. You can replenish your hair’s nutrients with our Fayre Anti-Hairfall Conditioner that leaves your hair with a silky touch while restoring shine and softness. Our Fayre Deep Conditioning Hair Oil on the other hand rejuvenates damaged and frizzy hair conditions.

To deep condition your hair, you can use the Fayre Deep Conditioning Treatment Mask which not only hydrates the hair but also strengthens your tresses for a more lustrous shiny hair.

To know more about our products and how they can help your hair journey, do contact us and we would be more than happy to help you out! 

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