Fayre Scalp Care Volumizing Hair Care Set

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Specifically formulated for people with weak hair roots and scalp, Fayre Scalp Care Volumizing Hair Care Set is a 4-step hair care routine to help you with your scalp problems. 

Fayre Scalp Care Shampoo is one of the best scalp shampoos in Singapore that helps you to soothe your scalp and provide relief from irritation. This formula is suitable for daily use, and it gently cleanses, nourishes and purifies the hair without causing excessive dryness. Say goodbye to dandruff with this Scalp Shampoo, too!

You will love the Fayre Intense Volume Conditioner. Revive your bounce with this conditioner that hydrates and volumizes. This buttery smooth conditioner will bring your hair back to its healthiest form. 

Fayre Deep Conditioning Hair Oil is a luxurious hair oil that is suitable for daily use. Prized for its gel-like texture, it is lightweight and fast-absorbing, and boasts an elegant floral scent. It also promotes frizz-free hair, smoothens frizz and prevents split ends. Unlike conventional hair oil in the market, Fayre Deep Conditioning Hair Oil does not leave an icky and oily feeling after application. 

You do not have to step out of the house to pamper your tresses. Enjoy a simple hair spa at home with Fayre Deep Conditioning Treatment Mask which hydrates, rejuvenates and revitalizes hair. It revives the natural strength of your hair to reveal lustrous, shiny hair.

Fayre Scalp Care Volumizing Hair Care Starter Set S$128 (U.P. S$154):

Fayre Scalp Care Volumizing Hair Care Deluxe Set S$153 (U.P. S$180):

Fayre Scalp Care Volumizing Hair Care Jumbo Set S$218 (U.P. S$268):

Customer Reviews

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Samantha A.
Improved my scalp condition

I used to have flaky and really itchy scalp and I sweat easily. Singapore’s climate totally didn’t help at all and my scalp was always itching as I sweat outdoors, and I will start to have dandruff if I scratch. It’s really uncomfortable and unglamorous. I have tried many different brands that would help resolve the issue for 2-3 weeks only to have the itching scalp issue return back.
After giving Fayre a shot, I am really really happy to say that I have never looked back, I use scalp shampoo on days my scalp feel really congested and icky. I always feel so refreshed after a good shampoo session with Fayre products ❤️
Thank you for the wonderful products

Angie Tan
Amazing products!

Very happy to chance upon Fayre products! I love the shampoo and conditioner, even my husband complimented on it and he’s asking me to buy more in the future once we finish using it. Looking forward to try more products in the future! Thank you Fayre Beauty!

Teo Jia Hui
For healthy scalp!

I first used their Anti-Hairfall Bundle for many months, before I decided to alternate usage with the Scalp Care, Hair Growth and when Shea butter launched, all 4 together.
I used to think that only anti hairfall was important because of my postpartum hair loss. But I was convinced to try out the scalp care series as my scalp was constantly itchy!

I never regretted this choice of mine! And continued to stock up on my Scalp Care series after because actually scalp care is really important! If your scalp is not healthy, whatever you use on your hair won't work! After alternating my anti-hair fall and hair growth with Scalp care before Shea butter was launched, REALLY even my hair falls lesser and my hair has become much stronger!

I urge everyone to just buy all 4 bundles and alternate between them! You will save a lot on hair treatments in salons!

Scalp Care Volumizing Set

Love the smell of the shampoo and the conditioner makes my hair super soft and silky.

Great for flat and thin hair

I’m a true convert after trying their anti-hairfall products. Decided to give their scalp care products a try for my thin and flat hair. Works great for me and my hair is more manageable and less tangled.

excellent product

been using the hair fall range since forever so decided to try out this range now that my post partum hair fall is under control! bought a lot to stock up :)

Fayre Scalp Care Volumizing Hair Care Set

Was worried initially as I have very dry and sensitive scalp. Every time when I change to a new shampoo, my scalp will end up being very itchy and resulted in flaky scalp. But after trying Fayre scalp shampoo for the past few months, I did not encounter any itchiness! I see my scalp condition improving too! Will purchase again!

Kim C
Repeat purchase

Have tried many Haircare brands and this one works the best for me! I have sensitive scalp and so far there is no flare. Love the smell too!

Scalp Care

Scalp care shampoo makes my scalp less oily and less itchy, resulting in lesser hair loss too! Highly recommend to anybody who has very sensitive and oily scalp!

Scalp Care Shampoos are amazing

This is actually a very delayed review as I rarely does it. I have been using the scalp series for almost 2 years now.. and ever since the first bottle, I have never bought any other shampoos anymore. It totally cured my itchy and flaky scalp that I used to have in the past. Its my must bring item for my overseas trip as I can't imagine using any other shampoos anymore. Introduce it to few of my friends and all of them have very good review of it as well. Do try it if you have the same issue !

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