Fayre Ultimate Hair Growth Bundle

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Fayre Ultimate Hair Growth Bundle is everything you need for thicker, fuller hair. Gone are the days when we would resort to a hundred and one remedies and unproven methods just to grow that bit of hair. With this bundle comprising quality hair products that are effective and friendly to the environment, results are guaranteed with daily usage.

Start your regime with a good hair wash. Alternate the use of Fayre Premium Hair Growth Shampoo and our bestselling Fayre Anti-hairfall Shampoo, followed by Fayre Anti-hairfall Conditioner to lock in the moisture and to smoothen the tresses. Apply Fayre Hair Growth Concentrate on clean scalp after washing.

Nothing fanciful, neither is it time-consuming. Just simple steps with vital products as part of your daily routine to stimulate hair growth effectively.

Be on your way to healthier, voluminous hair with Fayre Ultimate Hair Growth Bundle. Invest in your hair; it's the crown you never take off.

Fayre Premium Hair Growth Shampoo

Fayre Premium Hair Growth Shampoo is Fayre Beauty's newest addition to our range of quality hair products. After months of research and even more rounds of tests, our Premium Hair Growth Shampoo is finally ready to go onto your shelves. For effective and fast hair growth, use Fayre Premium Hair Growth Shampoo daily.

Fayre Anti-hairfall Shampoo

One of the most popular and best anti-hair loss shampoos in Singapore, Fayre Anti-hairfall Shampoo is infused with Moroccan Argan Oil and rich in Vitamin E. As one of the best anti-hairfall shampoo, it gently cleanses, nourishes and purifies the hair without causing excessive dryness that may lead to having dandruff. The ingredients used are organic, safe and clinically-tested, specifically formulated for people with weak hair roots and scalp.

Fayre Anti-hairfall Conditioner

Fayre Anti-hairfall Conditioner is infused with Moroccan Argan Oil, keratin, fatty acids and protein. Indulge your senses with this smooth hair conditioner that will bring your hair back to its healthiest form by smoothing and adding volume to your hair.

Fayre Hair Growth Concentrate

Looking for the best hair growth serum in Singapore? Fayre Hair Growth Concentrate is an effective hair growth serum that nourishes your scalp to speed up and improve the hair growth process. You will only need to apply this spray to your scalp regularly for a fast, desirable result.

Ultimate Hair Growth Bundle (500ml bundle)

  • 1 x Hair Growth Shampoo (500ml)
  • 1 x Fayre Anti-hairfall Shampoo (500ml)
  • 1 x Fayre Anti-hairfall Conditioner (500ml)
  • 1 x Hair Growth Concentrate (100ml)

Ultimate Hair Growth Bundle (1000ml bundle)

  • 1 x Hair Growth Shampoo (1000ml)
  • 1 x Fayre Anti-hairfall Shampoo (1000ml)
  • 1 x Fayre Anti-hairfall Conditioner (1000ml)
  • 1 x Hair Growth Concentrate (100ml)

Recommended usage:

  • Alternate between Fayre Premium Hair Growth Shampoo & Fayre Anti-Hairfall Shampoo
  • Use Fayre Anti-Hairfall Conditioner & Hair Growth Concentrate Daily

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Trying the new growth shampoo

The shampoo smells good surprisingly, alternating it with antifall now, previously has been using the antihairfall love it make my hair stronger with lesser hairfall.

Joey Quek
Fayre Ultimate Hair Growth Bundle

Love this bundle. Baby hair spotted and great combination of both anti hair fall and hair growth shampoo.

Angelina Tan
nice smell

First time trying out this growth shampoo! hopefully it works

Repeated purchase

Repeated purchases but first time trying the hair growth shampoo and loved it

Thank you!

Bought this when it first launch and it works so well for me. U can tell it when u see baby hair standing :)

Loving the range

I love the anti hairfall shampoo and conditioner and happy to mix in the hair growth shampoo for rotation. Having post partum hair loss now so hoping to see results from the concentrate. Love the minty feel when it’s applied!

Melisa Tan
Hair loss

I can feel my hair loss is reducing after using fayre shampoo. Will consider getting the big bottles after i have finish my current.

Fayre Ultimate Hair Growth Bundle

Always a fan for anti-hairloss shampoo and now tried their hair growth series. I am SOLD! :)

Anti Hairfall and Hair Growth Shampoo

Been using Fayre products since end of Nov 2022. The first noticeable change is definitely the itch on my scalp, improved alot! And not much of the oily smell. I really like the smell of the anti hairfall range.
Just started on the hair growth shampoo, still getting used to it (the smell lol). Smell like the HGC but I think much stronger. Nonetheless, my hair is also soft and smooth after every wash.

Never turning back!

Been using Fayre Beauty for quite some time and definitely loving it. As title suggested, never turning back to other brands. Even my husb is using their products now after trying. Fayre Beauty is definitely your go-to for haircare products!

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